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Chill Street Body 2

About Us

2083 Seventh Street Louth, St. Catharines, ON L2R 6P9 
Our Mission
We strive to make our customers smile, to remind them to take care of themselves, and to offer up authentic craft beverages that enhance their time spent chillin’ with family and friends.

Our Ciders

We Produce Flavoured Wine-Cider Blends

Afternoon Delight

Refreshing and peachy

Night Moves

Juicy, sweet, blackberry, mango

Afternoon Delight Reviews

"Honestly this is the perfect cider to sip on a dock at the cottage, at a warm fire during your camping trip, or at a summer party!"
Cider Blogger
"Think of a mellow fuzzy peach candy. It's an easy drink and recommend for peach flavour lovers."
Cider Promoter
“Crisp and Peachy! Afternoon Delight was fruity and delicious, with peach forward flavour and medium sweetness. Even though it has a strong ABV of 6.9% it was still really easy to drink! Enjoyed it and would recommend!!”
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Cider Reviewer
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